Methods In ‘Play'

We have a strong commitment to being question driven and not technique limited, meaning that we often build new methods, and seek to use the best existing ones.  So, the below list is meant to give a sense of work ongoing, it changes at a rate we are unlikely to keep up with in the maintenance of this page!

Sensory Behavior in Mice

2-Photon Imaging

Intrinsic and Low Photon Count (e.g., BioLuminescence) Wide Field Imaging \

Electrophysiological Recording (Tetrode/Laminar/Glass Pipette…)


BioLuminescent - OptoGenetics (BL-OG) - a combined chemi- and optogenetic strategy we are currently developing in close collaboration with Drs. Hochgeschwender, Lipscombe, Shaner and others (e.g., see the NeuroNex site)

Computational Modeling (especially in collaboration with the Jones Lab)

Anatomy - and a smattering of human psychophysics, EEG and MEG recording and imaging in collaboration with the Jones Lab, Somers Lab at Boston University and others.