Our Open Science

Sharing openly to move science forward is a key value of the Moore Lab.  As shown below, in the great diagram from Dr. Justine Allen (Program Manager for the NeuroNex Technology Hub in Bioluminescence), we view open science as existing in two crucial dimensions, Horizontal and Vertical. Horizontal Open Science is sharing with other scientists; Vertical integration is sharing that seeks to cross educational levels.  The product of both is accelerated discovery (ideas and findings that change the way we think) and innovation (new methods and findings that change the way we act).

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The Discovery Engine...

...seeks to empower scientists, by understanding the full landscape of discovery.  Built on a Bayesian perspective of optimal information in science, we are having scientists rate the degree to which a paper changed their view of the topic (formally, ‘Discovery Value’) and the degree to which it could change practices (formally, ‘Innovation Value’). A key conviction of the Discovery Engine is that this data is best gathered openly and democratically, providing a voice for reward in science that all can participate in.



NeuroNex Technology Hub in Bioluminescence...

…is a Cooperative Agreement with NSF is promoting the value of bioluminescence as a technology for imaging and controlling cells. Efforts include innovative advances in the tools themselves, horizontal open science supported by a new website and a variety of direct training opportunities, and vertical open science in the form of a week-long MBL course for undergraduates, and new high school and grade school mini-curricula. (Photo credit: Nathan Shaner, PhD)


Open Ephys... 

…was founded by two Moore lab members (Drs. Josh Siegle and Jakob Voigts), this organization  promotes the sharing of new technologies in neuroscience.  These include the Open Ephys electrophysiology hardware and software originally developed by Jakob and Josh, now used in over 150 labs and improved on by a large and active community.